It’s evident that many factors can influence the success of Facebook posts. For example, upon examining the Facebook page insights for the Facebook page of my own site,ThisisReno, a community news website in Reno, Nevada, the timing of posts is critical. We see our best engagement in the evening, around 8 to 9 p.m. Pacific time most days.

In addition to timing, other factors can impact the success of Facebook posts. Did the post receive early traction? That is, soon after the post was published, did “likes” and shares begin immediately? If so, those posts tend to do better than posts that appear initially in news feeds but don’t receive any audience responses. Facebook seems to reward posts that receive high levels of early engagement while reducing the views of posts that don’t receive quick attention.

For seasoned social media managers, this may not be news, but for many Facebook users, tips such as using high quality images may be useful for improving Facebook posts. Paying close attention to a page’s insights can reveal numerous ways to monitor success and adjust posting strategies.

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