From the December 13, 2012 issue of the Reno News & Review:

Bob Conrad is the Energy Outreach Coordinator at the Governor’s Office of Energy. Additionally, he’s the drummer in several local bands, including The Firebombing, The Die Ads and formerly Zoinks. He’s also a cofounder of the This is Reno website, which recently launched a Reno Music online playlist, featuring a diverse slate of local music. For more information, visit

What is This is Reno?

It’s a news website that myself and Ryan Jerz cofounded in 2009. The idea behind the site was to kind of level the playing field of what is considered news. We accept news release submissions and original content from theoretically anyone.

So, it’s like a crowd-sourcing aggregator?

I would say crowd-sourcing, but not an aggregator, because we’re not aggregating anything. Everything we post is sent to us. READ THE REST HERE.

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