Videos for marketing and communication are the way to go. Look at your Facebook feed for evidence. Virality is often defined by video content, and it’s what we do extensively. From news-style promotional videos (Reno’s downtown post office makeover) to promotional videos (sage-grouse conservation), we have lights, cameras and skills to get your content viewed by thousands of people.

Some career highlights: 1. More than 850,000 views on my “Burros on a Boat” Youtube video from 2007, 2. The post office video mentioned above achieved three objectives (open house attendance, media interest and office space tenant recruitment leads) and more than 10,000 views in one month on a minimal budget, and 3. Footage of Green Day from 1991 was included in the 2015 Rocknroll Hall of Fame induction event and will be included in an upcoming Green Day “Early Years” documentary.

Watch sample work below.

Agriculture & Environmental Videos

News & Promotional Videos

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