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Bob was interviewed at (Al Gore’s social news/networking site) for the Bridge2Science project. Here is an excerpt:

So, you’re a journalist, a news blogger or maybe a freelance writer, and you’re trying to get an expert source for a story that you are working on. With an overload of information on the web, how can you make sure your sources are legitimate, especially in scientific areas?

“Briefly, the problem begins with the culture of science which [can] discourage communication by scientists to the news media and the lay public. Second, journalists frequently report on scientific information incorrectly, or they are quick to cite dubious sources without being knowledgeable of what the scientific issues are really about. Finally, because science is so complex, the public understanding of science and the research process is fairly low. Combined, we have a situation where science is largely misunderstood,” says Bob Conrad, founder of Bridge2Science.

Read the story here. The complete interview is available here.